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I'm thrilled you are here... What does every woman want? Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. However, in my 18+ years experience as a Life Coach, I have learned that most women happiness, good communication, romance and attraction with their spouse and overall, a feeling of wholeness and well being. This desire sounds simple enough but getting there can be challenging. This is why Im here. I've cracked the code for being in a happy marriage as well as figured out the full proof way to help you to feel better about YOU so you can be a better wife, mom and overall amazing human being. Regardless, I look forward to getting to know you. Please take a look around. I would love to answer any questions you may have.


"Michaela is a transformational and inspirational woman who has changed my life. She is caring and very knowledgeable about her field. I came to her in extreme breakdown and within a few phone calls and one visit, I was out of my depression and on my way towards actionable strategies to improve my life and well being. In 13 months of working with Michaela I have lost 52 lbs and have lowered my blood sugar. My doctors are amazed at my change. I am also no longer pre-diabetic and I am on my way to getting the health back that I had in my early 20s. Michaela saved my life. She is the most amazing woman and coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone."

- Marla

"In 2 months Michaela was able to help me remedy digestive issues that have plagued me for 30 years. Her highly personalized approach and in depth knowledge of both nutrition and self-psychology were just what I needed. Her guidance was very specific and doable and her genuine caring way is exceptionally supportive and motivational."

- Jim Smollon

"Hi future members, this program has change my life. I feel so good and I have unbelievable energy. I have become a healthier person. I saw the beautiful young ladies who told me how they were looking so beautiful and slim, that I just had to do the program too. I tell everyone, because they ask me what I'm doing to look so slim. I absolutely love this program. I feel like I can be a poster for the program. And, Michaela is so encouraging and motivates me to be my best self. I started this program April 1st and I'm 13 pounds down and soaring for more at 59 years old this year my life has many possibilities for excellent health and not to mention I look good too. Anyone will love this program, because you eat. I thank God that i was directed to this program. Thanks Michaela Logue for sharing your life, time and energy with me."

- Evelyn McDougald

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