Top 5 Reasons You Look Older Than Your Real Age

*Michaela is 45 years old and looks 30 years old! Ask her how she does it!

Top 5 Reasons You Look Older Than Your Real Age

These days, looking younger than you are can make a big statement. However, there are several people who look way older than their age. There are several things that can cause the years to be added to your appearance. These 5 issues can cause you to look older than you actually are and can cause major health issues.

1. Smoking

Smoking can not only cause a person to look older than they actually are, as well as cause a person to sound older than they are. Smoking can take its toll on your lungs, skin, body, voice and many other aspects of a person’s body. It’s so hazardous to your health, that it can really cause you to wrinkle faster and dry your skin out.

2. Drinking

Just like smoking, drinking can really add age to a person’s appearance. Drinking can damage different cells as well as organs of a person’s body. You can even cause harm to your liver and kidneys. All this harm can cause your body to start taking on the appearance of someone much older than you.

3. Not following a healthy nutrition plan

Eating unhealthy food, such as fast foods, soda and fried foods, can cause all sorts of damaging effects to your body and will make you look much more older than you are. All you need to do to reverse these effects, is to start eating healthy and follow a proper nutrition plan. You can see major changes in a few days.

4. Lack of proper vitamins

If your body doesn’t have to proper vitamins, this will cause your body to age as well as become frail. Vitamins can help repair damage done to your skin, body and health. Taking vitamins can prevent these damages from happening. They can help keep your skin from wrinkling and becoming weak. Vitamins can also help you follow a proper weight loss program and allow your body many of the nutrients it needs in order to stay healthy. Some vitamins may come from fruits and vegetables, but may be harder to get. This is why you can find many vitamins at any drugstore.

5. Lack of exercise

Not only can not following a proper weight loss plan cause you to look older than you actually are, but not working out can have these effects as well. Working out helps cleanse your body as well as keep you healthy and fit. Exercise will help you look and feel younger, which is something most people want these days.

By changing the way we eat, drink and move, we can allow our bodies to look much younger than they are. Staying healthy is something we should strive for. Feeling healthy is just an added benefit to looking and feeling young. Make sure to stay away from these age enhancers and keep yourself looking younger, rather than older than your actual age.

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