7 Benefits Of Lemon Water You Need In Your Life

7 Benefits Of Lemon Water You Need In Your Life

#1: Aids In Digestion

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Starting off your day with a hot mug of lemon water awakens the digestive tract, preparing your body to absorb nutrients more efficiently as you start to nibble. Lemons are a surprisingly powerful alkaline food. They also assist in balancing the pH in your stomach, diffusing any bothersome heartburn from the night before.

Benefit #2: Decreases Bloating And Encourages Weight Loss

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Pairing lemon with increased hydration encourages your body to release held water that makes you feel heavy and bloated. When feeling fuller than usual, it may seem logical to consume less liquid, but it is quite the opposite. The more water we consume, the more our body can flush out its system naturally. Dehydration only alerts the body to hold on to water until a balance has returned. So overall, by both avoiding unnatural over-the-counter bloating medication and by increasing our water intake, this is a win-win situation.

I think of the weight-loss factor this way: what is the lemon water replacing? In my case, staying hydrated keeps me from over-snacking or reaching for a sugary fix. I also have less of an urge to give in to having a soda or an extra cup of coffee. So my nearby glass of lemon water is less about giving something up and more about replacing old habits with better, tastier ones.

Benefit #3: Increases Your Intake Of Vitamin C

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Just a quarter of a cup of lemon juice a day can fulfill your daily vitamin C requirements, and a few daily glasses of lemon water will do just that. Vitamin C acts as a strong antioxidant, a key factor in protecting our immune system, especially when we’re feeling worn down. I pay greater attention to my water and lemon intake during stressful and busy weeks. Increasing vitamin C also decreases cardiovascular issues later in life, so this is clearly a habit I will be sticking with over time.

Benefit #4: Improves Your Skin

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Another fun benefit of vitamin C is its ability to improve the quality of your skin. Free radicals can damage skin cells, and the lemon’s antioxidant properties discourage their efforts, allowing your skin to continue looking fresh and rejuvenated. It also boosts the production of collagen, decreasing wrinkles and supporting your skin’s firmness.

Benefit #5: Reboots Your Post-Workout Body

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Whether you’re heading out to the gym or just getting back from an intense workout, consider popping some lemon slices in your water to assist in the replenishment of electrolytes lost while exercising.

Benefit #6: Decreases Inflammation

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Consuming whole, minimally processed, anti-inflammatory foods can assist with sore joints, muscles, and other circularity illnesses. Add a dash of turmeric to your warm lemon water for added effects for inflammation-related issues such as arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Benefit #7: Detoxes

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Cleanses and detoxes have been of growing interest to those starting more intensive diets or seeking big changes. It’s important to understand that lemon water assists our body’s already-present detox system by taking on some of the work. By balancing the pH of the digestive system, aiding in the breakdown of food, and improving circulation, lemon takes the heavy lifting off the liver and gallbladder.

If you choose to try a more intense cleanse based solely on either lemon water and chili powder or pre-mixed detox solution, be sure to chat with your doctor to make sure it’s best for your health and needs.

How To Make Lemon Water

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  • Choose organic lemons whenever possible (though either way, never use lemon concentrate).
  • Slice lemon in half and squeeze the juice of half the lemon into eight ounces of filtered water.
  • Water can be cool, warm, or hot, depending on its use.
  • Consider adding mint, honey, cucumber, fresh ginger, or a dash of turmeric.
  • Enjoy!
  • I like to alternate my water/lemon-water intake throughout the day. It’s important to note that too much citrus can be rough on the teeth, so try to be extra aware of your usual, proper oral care when making this switch.

    Lime Water Vs. Lemon Water

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    Drinking lime water shares many benefits with lemon water, so it’s really just a matter of taste and preference. Both fruits include a high amount of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium. Additionally, both have alkalizing properties to help balance the PH of saliva and the digestive track. I find lemon water fresher and lighter, as well as easier to mix with other ingredients like ginger and turmeric. But changing up your routine keeps things exciting and new. You can even have a day of lime and lemon water together.

    Start Your Year Of Lemon Water

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    Drinking water with lemon is an effective, simple way to change up your hydration efforts while adding a long list of health benefits that help you look and feel better. Most importantly, this is a small action you can easily start today with minimal work. Once you begin, you’ll become as excited as I was to tell everyone about it. Try it out for yourself, and SHARE these health benefits with your friends and coworkers!

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