Forget the 80/20 Rule! Use the 80/10/10 rule for a SMALLER WAIST

Forget the 80/20 Rule! Use the 80/10/10 rule for a SMALLER WAIST line. Many people, nutritionists, fitness professionals and the like, subscribe to the 80/20 rule for weight loss and tighter abdominal muscles. However, I have learned in the 5 years I have been in practice that the 80/1010 rule works best.

Here’s how the 80/10/10 rule works:

Consume 3 meals per day and a snack only. That’s it and then incorporate the 80/10/10 rule below:

For the 3 meals you are consuming follow the following structure:

Follow this plan 100% and see your waistline shrink in 7 days.

What’s the rationale behind this?

Plants burn fat, speeds up the metabolism and improves digestion. Improved digestion means you absorb more nutrients giving you more energy and vitality to go to the gym and be active.

Your body will then be trained to search for FAT on your body for energy, versus searching for simple carbohydrates. This will then increase fat burning in those key areas: waist, thighs, belly.

Lean protein will feed muscle which will then supercharge fat burning. Lean protein will also give you long term sustainable energy so you can be more active.

There you have it! The holy grail of “waist snatching”! I hope you enjoyed my blog post and will comment and like on my YouTube video.

I’m here to help!

~ Coach Michaela Logue

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