3 Steps To Show Up Powerfully In Life

How To Show Up Powerfully In Life

Showing up is important, but being a powerful presence is far more purposeful. When you want to make an impression, do it with persistence and passion. A powerful personality not only shows others that you value your importance, but give you the tools to tackle any situation.

Being powerful is all about positivity. It’s not meant to be an overbearing quality that others find off-putting, but something they see as an admirable trait. When you command a crowd or simply create conversation that is engaging and entertaining, there’s an essential power that prevails.

If you don’t believe you are presenting the most powerful version of yourself, change is possible. Many people get stuck in their habits, but there is a way out if you’re encouraged to entertain the idea. Scenarios of all kinds will benefit from your powerful personality and passion to be the best person you can be. In three steps, you can use the strength you may have never known you have to show up more substantially. Power is achievable, especially if you’re excited to see where it can take you.

Step One – Spend Time Solo
You need to be your own biggest advocate in order to present yourself to others with clarity and confidence. Your belief in your own power must be strong so you can get out there without any self-doubt holding you back. Rely on yourself, and you won’t need others to lift you any higher.

Step Two – Just Do It!
There’s not always a “right time” to say what you’re thinking or act on your instincts. Powerful people just go for it, and with nothing holding them back, the possibilities are endless. When there’s nothing to fear but fear itself, doors open and the powerful people breeze right through. Be one of these folks who never get left in the cold.

Step Three – Stay Strong
There are often “haters” who see a powerful person and try to tear them down. Just because their confidence isn’t evident or elevated doesn’t mean that you should sink to a lower level. Use your power to persuade others to rise to the occasion. Part of showing up powerfully is encouraging others to be bolder and braver. Keep at it and the results will be rewarding.
Life is meant for forging ahead and achieving.

Showing up powerfully for all facets of live will make all your moments more meaningful. More power to ya!


xoxo Coach Michaela Logue

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