5 Steps To CAPTIVATE People Around You

5 Steps to Captivate People Around You

Captivating people around you makes you stand out and truly shine. Attracting others with your charisma while making them feel special is a skill that can be learned. Some folks are born with this effortless essence, but if you weren’t, it doesn’t mean you can’t develop similar personality traits.

With these 5 steps, those with whom you come into contact with will be wooed by your charm, impressed by your actions, and pleased by your mere presence. Sharpen these skills and you’ll come off as captivating. Pretty cool, huh?

Tell A True Story

Be an interesting storyteller by sharing something that actually happened to you. Share all the specifics to make those you’re speaking with feel like they were there too. Use descriptive words and stimulating details. People will be drawn in and become invested in the outcome.

Be Vulnerable

You don’t always have to put on a brave face. Show your softer side as well as your right to be raw. People like it when others are honest about their feelings and don’t hide their emotions. We all have many sides, and the more of them we reveal to others, the better they understand us as a complete person. When you are vulnerable, others are comfortable around you and attracted to your ease.

Find Commonality

Everyone is different, but there is always some way to connect. Find that similarity in each person you meet so you have a familiar feeling while together. Expand on this commonality and use it to create closer relationships. When others feel a bond, they’re better able to adjust to the things that may be vastly different about you.

Use Humor

Laughter goes a long way, so count on your comedy chops to captivate. You don’t have to be at the stand-up comedian level, just let loose and lift others’ spirits. Even heavy topics can benefit from a hint of humor, so slip some in to lighten the mood. You’ll make others feel happier by being around you.

Be Compassionate

Always show you care. Lend a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on. If you cut people off, they’ll see you as distant and cold. You don’t have to get super personal if it’s unprofessional, but never walk away when someone’s struggling.

Count on these 5 steps and you’ll be captivating crowds. Even getting one person to see your strong suits is a success.

I hope these tips and tricks help you to be more captivating! Any questions, feel free to reach out!

xoxo Coach Michaela

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