How To Be Unforgettable

There is something to be said about a person who makes an impression. Their very presence is impactful, and everyone who meets them gets caught up in their confidence and charisma. Rather than being the “Average Joe” (or Jane) who is just like everybody else, this individual is dynamic. Their unique qualities make them stand out in a special way, causing others to sit up and take notice. Meeting them is an unforgettable experience and possibly a life-altering encounter.

Do you want to be one of these unforgettable people? Blending in is “blah.” Being amazing is an achievement. Here is how you can take your personality up a notch, crank up your character, and cause others to hold you in high regard. No one can forget a force to be reckoned with, so step up to the plate and be that powerful person.

Be Friendly

Introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Remember their name. Reconnect when appropriate. Go beyond the small talk and delve into meaningful exchanges. In today’s world of impersonal texts and emails, face-to-face exchanges are refreshing. Be the person who welcomes this more emotional form of communication and encourage others to follow suit.

Show Interest

People love to talk about themselves. Rather than making it all about you, focus your attention on others. Ask questions and really listen to the responses. Take note of what makes others tick and what brings them pleasure or purpose. When you next see them, revisit these topics to let them know you were interested in what they were saying. It’s the small things like this that mean the most. Your caring nature won’t be taken for granted.

Be Bold

Why go along for the ride when you can lead the way? Do things that are daring and test your limits. Say what’s on your mind. Express your individuality. As long as you are not offensive or putting others in uncomfortable positions, do things the way you see fit. Your strength and fortitude will be noticed, admired, and applauded. Who could forget someone so focused and fearless?

Think about the people who have impacted your life in a meaningful way. What makes them so interesting to you? Think about their attitudes and behaviors and tailor them to suit your personality. There’s only one of you, and you deserve to be remembered and respected.

To be unforgettable is to show up powerfully for others. Be so interested in their growth that they have no other choice but to remember you. Be Unforgettable….

xoxo Coach Michaela Logue

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