How To Command Attention In Any Situation

How To Command Attention IN ANY SITUATION

Attention please! If only it were that simple shout out two words and have all eyes on you. Sure, a request such as that would perk people’s ears up, but commanding attention in any situation is not always so cut and dry. That said, with the right tools to teach yourself the art of the “standing out” skill, being assertive and authoritative is achievable.
These tips will take you from the corner of the room to out front and center. You don’t have to be bossy to be bold, so remember to always show sophistication when you step into any arena.

Posture Is Powerful
The way you present yourself is half the battle. Those who command attention aren’t slouched over or hanging their head. Throw your shoulders back, hold your chin up, and stand strong. When others perceive your presence as confident and cool, they will be more inclined to focus on you. Your firm stance and secure demeanor must be deliberate, but come off as totally natural. Soon enough, it will be your go-to way you carry yourself.

Speak Clearly And Concentrate
What you say is just important as how you say it. Delivery can make or break your ability to get your point across, and it’s a significant factor in how well it will be received. Use language that people easily understand; big words and complicated concepts will cause you to lose your audience, no matter the size. Be clear, concise, and creative, and remember to concentrate on what you’re saying. If you can’t keep track of your conversation, you can bet others won’t be able to follow either.

Be Sincere
Authenticity is always key. “Fake it ‘till you make it” may be a popular practice, but if you don’t represent your true self, it will be obvious and off-putting. People want to know others for who they are, what they believe in, and how they can make an impact on the world. Make eye contact, smile, and reach out with your words and actions. Anyone who is in tune with making connections can tell right off the bat when another person isn’t being real. Do YOU, and you will do it right.

You can command attention whenever you want to. It is all about finding the force within that shines through and attracts others. Step up to the plate and perform at your peak.


xoxo Coach Michaela Logue

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