How To Positively ATTRACT Others

How To Positively Attract Others

As we socialize in nearly every situation, attracting others in a positive manner means we are projecting ourselves in an admirable way. Some people believe that any attention is good attention, but leaving others with a bad taste in their mouth is nothing to be proud of. Controversy and contention may be stimulating, but in the end, others will remember the experience in a negative light, leading to their ultimate review of you. And you can be sure it won’t be a positive one.

In order to positively attract others, it is important to address every situation from a perspective that comes from a place of honesty, integrity, and enlightenment. When you are at your best, those who are around you catch the vibe and embrace your energy. It does not mean you have to be overly cheery or change your personality. Just put your best foot forward and each step will follow suit. It really doesn’t take much to make an impact.

These four tips towards positivity are simple to do and are surprisingly straightforward. Practice them whenever you can until they come second nature.

Smile – A genuine smile sets the tone for today and every day. It shows that you are warm and inviting, allowing others to feel at ease in your presence.

Be Calm – Even if the situation gets heated or heavy, if you are able to keep your cool, others will appreciate your self-control. Those who easily fly off the handle are not seen as particularly stable, and certainly not people to hold in high regard. Take a deep breath before you react.

Be Open-Minded – Show your compassion and consideration for others. Your opinion is not the only one in the room. When you are willing to hear others out, they will reciprocate. Decent conversations that are two-way streets are always the most productive. You may even learn something.

Just Be Kind – Simple acts of kindness go a long way. Grand gestures are great, but it does not take much to make others see that you truly care. Spread the love and it will come back full circle.

When you do the right thing, people will perk up. Your positivity will be a real crowd pleaser. Look on the bright side and see every glass half-full. When you are positive, it will seep into your daily life with little effort.

There is nothing more attractive than being comfortable in the skin you are in.

Go get it! You got this!

xoxo Coach Michaela Logue


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