When you need a motivational boost to get you to the next level, seeking it from within is always a winning strategy. Others you admire for their drive and determination may offer promise, but you must tap into your own strengths and strong suits to soar.

Ready to climb?...

Perhaps you are in a slump or have been too tired to get on top of things. Maybe your latest efforts were an embarrassment or your life has hit a low point. Things don’t even have to be particularly bad to want more from yourself. Growth only comes when we choose to never settle for mediocrity. That’s where tapping into motivation comes in to catapult you towards your next endeavor.

You may have the mindset to become more motivated but you’re not sure how to tap in and take charge. These tips make the process doable, empowering and encouraging you to use your energy to your advantage.

Pride in yourself is an important factor in enabling you to tap into your source of motivation. We all have things we want to improve upon, but perfection is an unattainable endpoint. Stand in front of the mirror. Notice what it is about yourself that makes you special. This isn’t about looks, but the whole package. Say at least five things about yourself that you love. List more if you’re so inclined. The more confident you are in your collective self, the better you’ll be able to dig into the desires that excite you. This is the catalyst that will help you turn the corner.

You need a clear head and an unobstructed view of what you’re after. Motivation in general is essential, but when you have a specific goal, you can direct your efforts accordingly. Once you tackle a task, you’ll be inspired to do more. Like a snowball effect, your spark will grow in size until you’re motivated from morning ‘till night.

Share Your Success
Get motivated and stay that way by inspiring others to get in on the action. If you feel a dip in your mood or start to get lazy, remember how invigorating motivation feels. Share your story with those who need a pick-me-up. Your impressive achievements will not only remind you how you made it to where you are, but they’ll influence others to tap into their motivation too.

Motivation is a state of mind. Tap in today!


xoxo Coach Michaela Logue

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