Use These 3 Powerful Steps In Communication To Cause Positive Results

Use These 3 Powerful Steps in Communication to Cause Powerful Results

Communication is at the core of our relationships. Being direct and straightforward is essential in terms of your delivery and how your message is received. We communicate to create a dialogue, to educate, and influence. And when you want positive results from what you have to say, it’s important to be aware of how you thoughtfully interact with others.

Words are Powerful

It would be a shame to spend time on a topic only to be met with negativity or no particular reaction at all. Hopefully your goal is to enlighten and engage your audience, and they are left feeling satisfied. Your performance yields a positive outcome, and everyone feels energized.

Here are three powerful communication steps to take to give you the real time response you are seeking. Your message means something to you, so spend time fine tuning your skills to achieve such success.

Step 1: Don’t Overthink It

Simplify your message to get the most out of it. You may feel like you need to sound “smarter” than who you’re speaking with, but you may wind up alienating your audience by complicating the communication. Consider what you want people to leave the room clearly understanding. If it’s a complex topic, break it down into digestible pieces. You don’t have to explain away everything that comes to mind. Choose the most important aspects and highlight those ideas. If you’re confused just thinking about what you want to convey, imagine how that would impact others. Less can be more, plus, you can always elaborate if asked.

Step 2: Stay On Topic

Focus is fundamental. You may find that as you’re speaking, other ideas come to mind, but stay on track or else your audience may lose you. Picture beginning at point A and ending at point B. There are no letters in between to turn to. Even if you think sidetracking would add to your story, it’s more likely to be a distraction than anything else. When you’re done with your initial point, you can share something else as a separate entity. Your audience will better absorb both pieces of your story this way.

Step 3: Be Yourself

Communication is always more inviting when it’s evident that the speaker is sincere. If you speak from the heart and with a genuine approach, you are sure to be well-received. Putting on a show may make you feel more confident, but those who are listening will see right through it, perhaps making them less inclined to make the most of your message.

Communication is best done clearly and creatively. Be consistent and always care about what you’re talking about and you you’re speaking to. You’ll see a powerful result when you practice these three steps.

Showing up powerfully in all areas of your life means you must be PRESENT. Stop, Look and Listen… in every scenario you are in.

xoxo Coach Michaela Logue

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