What is Light Therapy? Can it help improve inflammation?

What is Red Light Therapy? Can it help improve inflammation?

Red Light Therapy or “Light Therapy” is an alternative medicine healing practice that is making waves in the wellness and health field. Very recently I was invited in to see Dr. David Lipman of Physical Evidence Chiropractic in Boca Raton, FL to check out this Red Light Therapy phenomenon and even try it for myself.

The theory behind this is targeting the root cause of the inflammation within the actual cell in the body. There are many reasons why folks get inflammation, whether it’s oxidative stress, mitochondrial deficiencies, environmental exposure to toxins and so many other reason passed these.What if, you can use Red Light to target these cells and help improve cellular health?

Did you know your cells absorb light just like plants do? When I learned this, I perked up because I have always believed that I feel so much better when I am outside in the daylight. Too much time inside and in darkness can increase feelings of depression and anxiety. There is nothing better than sitting in a sunny window getting a bit of sunlight or sitting on a beach absorbing the suns rays. However, as you may already know, UV rays can cause damage to our skin cells. What’s the alternative? Red Light Therapy!

Click the video above and come with me inside Physical Evidence Chiropractic’s offices to try out Red Light Therapy. I swear, I felt like someone flipped a switch in my body after only 10 minutes inside this Red Light Therapy machine.

xoxo Coach Michaela Logue

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