Turn The Tables On Toxic Relationships

This coming year is your chance to clear away the chaos, rid yourself of negative energy, and revisit relationships that aren’t making you happy. It can be difficult to deal with confrontations, but when there is toxicity that turns what could have been positive times into tumultuous ones, the end result is far from rewarding. Doing something about it sooner than later is the only way to win this “war.”

You may not have to cut ties completely, but it is necessary for your well-being and stability to see to it that problems are addressed before they go further down that dark hole. Putting things off any longer will only lead to more aggravation, anger, and angst. If you handle the situation smartly, you and the other party may have a shot at creating a new dynamic that’s positive and pleasant. Wouldn’t that be a nice way to ring in the New Year?

Discuss Personal Matters Privately

Making a scene is never a good idea. Take this person aside and sit down calmly. If you have the opportunity to give them a heads up that you’d like to talk one-on-one, you won’t catch them off-guard which could lead to defensive behavior on their part. Be honest, open, forthcoming, and straightforward. Tell them why you feel the relationship isn’t working or if it has run its course. Take ownership of your shortcomings as well, and what you can do on your end to pick up the pieces or patch things up. Relationships are two-way streets, so work together to find a satisfactory solution.

Do Not Dwell On The Past

If you agree that this year will be a fresh start, you will have to let go of what was and pave new roads towards a richer relationship. Not to say that everything that has happened between you will be washed clean from your memory, but you will need to embrace the fine art of forgiveness if you are willing to work at making the relationship better. Past mistakes can be useful learning tools that when discussed and dissected, can create a stronger bond that is ultimately unbreakable. You owe it to yourself and those you care about to let it go.

Holding onto toxic relationships is a heavy burden to bear. Lighten up, love deeper, and live each day with meaningful moments spent with special people. Your health and happiness depends on it.

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