Why Letting Go Of Past Mistakes Makes You A Better Person

“They” tell us to forgive and forget, and for some folks, the process is painless. The ability for these people to make amends, move on, and forge forward without looking back is straightforward and seamless. Other people have a harder time letting go. Not only when it comes to prior dealings with others, but their own past experiences and troubled times as well. Mistakes made seem impossible to shake off, and they become stuck when they ought to be stepping into the next stage. Perhaps you fall into this group, but you want to find a way out.

Everyone makes mistakes. It is how we learn and grow as human beings. “Perfection” is not realistic, even though so many of us do all we can to achieve it. Being “perfect” is a dream, but it is fundamentally flawed from the get-go. If, indeed, we were perfect, there would be nothing to strive for, look forward to, or aim to improve upon. Doesn’t sound so perfect after all.

This is why letting go of past mistakes is a milestone in and of itself. It takes willpower and strength to come to realize the room letting go will leave for positive thinking, proactive planning, and an openness to embark upon the unknown. Being held down by past problems and less-than fruitful projects only hinders future successes. Living for now and what’s to come is the only way to develop and dream for bigger and better things. Remaining stagnant is a surefire way to stay put, mentally mostly. It’s draining and debilitating. You don’t need to do it, so don’t! Boost yourself up and stay on target. When you start to dwell, you’ll get discouraged, so replace those tired thoughts with ones that make you feel confident. You can conquer anything you set your mind to when there’s nothing blocking your path.

It is admittedly a lot easier said than done for those who have trouble forgiving themselves. And even if forgiveness is doable, forgetting may never happen. That’s OK. Just take those thoughts and repurpose them to become action-oriented fuel to generate new and meaningful ideas. You will be using your energy more wisely, turning negative emotions into exciting new challenges. Not only will this improve your life, but you’ll put forth a persona that’s passionate and pleasurable. Others will take notice.

Let it go and grow!

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