No Gym, No Problem – 5 Exercises You Can Do At Home, No Equipment Required

Strength Training

Not everyone has the money or inclination to join a gym. Perhaps there is not one close by or even worth joining. If that is the case, there is still a way to exercise, even right at home.

You do not have to set up a home gym with expensive equipment, and you don’t even need to have a lot of space. So, no more excuses for not exercising. Your place is the perfect workout area, membership fee-free and all yours.

Here are five at-home exercises that are great for toning up. Find some time in the morning, after work, or anytime during the day if you are home and not busy. You will be amazed at how these moves can firm up your muscles and increase your strength.

Chair Dips

Take a sturdy and firm-seated chair and place it against the wall, with the back of the chair flush against the wall. With your back facing the seat of the chair, place your hands shoulder-width apart on the edge facing you. With your feet together, get into a seated position in front of the chair and dip your elbows to a 45-degree angle, then back up again, creating the “dip” movement. Your butt will also dip down but don’t let it hit the floor. This brief YouTube video provides a demonstration.

Wall “Push-Ups”

Traditional push-ups can be too difficult for some people to do, so the wall push-up is a great way to build strength until you’re ready to hit the floor. Stand in front of a wall with your legs about shoulder-width apart and about 2 feet from the wall. Adjust the distance based on your height. Place your palms on the wall with your arms shoulder-width apart. Bend your elbows as if you are doing a push-up movement to bring you closer to the wall and back to position. As you get better and feel stronger, try doing a few “regular” push-ups on the ground.

Stair Calf Raises

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and place your toes at the edge of the bottom stair, facing the stairs so the rest of your foot hangs over towards the floor. Flex onto your tippy toes and release, bringing your body up and down using your calf muscles to elevate you. Don’t bend at the knee or use your hips to help you. You’ll feel the burn before you know it.

Leaning Leg Lifts

Put each hand on either side of a sturdy square or rectangular table that’s no more than 3 feet wide. Lean into the table and keep your back flat. Alternate legs by lifting them backward, using the muscles in the backs of your legs and your butt to elevate each leg. Keep your knees unbent and the leg that’s not being lifted planted firmly on the ground. For those seeing to boost their behind, this exercise is excellent.

Core Crunches

Lie on the floor and bend your knees so your feet are flat on the ground and hip-width apart. Place your hands behind the back of your head with your elbows bent outward. Lift your head off the floor using your abs to lift and lower you. Don’t use your hands to jerk your head up. Lift and lower as you hold the crunch tightly, and make each rep count. If you need someone to hold your feet down, grab a partner, or you can go it alone by slipping your toes under a couch.

Working out at home is so convenient. Play some music or even have your favorite TV show running in the background. Wear what you want and workout when it suits you.

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