Swap The Soda For These Healthier Alternatives

Fans of cola, pop, soda, or whatever you call the fizzy fun-to-drink beverage love the bubbly refreshment the drink delivers. But all the sugar, chemicals, dyes, and even the diet ingredients are far from healthful.

While it is important to stay well-hydrated throughout the day, soda is not the best bet, especially if you are practically addicted. Those caffeinated ones are hard to give up. A can here and there will not do much damage, but if you drink soda daily, or multiple times per day, it is time for a simple swap that will be much better for your overall health. You may even slim down once you ditch the habit.

These three make-at-home alternatives are super tasty and so satisfying. No fake sweeteners or stuff you can’t pronounce. Who wants that in their body? Let’s all raise a glass to good health, and leave the soda on the store shelves.

Fresh Fruit Fizz

Pour yourself a full glass of plain sparkling water or seltzer and slice up some oranges, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. The citrus freshness will add a zing of flavor without the need for added sugar. Munch on the slices when you finish the glass, or pour yourself another.
Tip: The longer you let the fruit sit in your drink, the more intense the flavor. You can also swap in different fruits like sliced apples and pears or berries.


Slice up some fresh cucumbers and layer into a tall glass. Pour plain seltzer over top and sip away. This sort of beverage is often served in spas for its relaxation benefits and health factor. Brighten it up with a squeeze of lemon and pretend you are on vacation. Bring some with you in a to-go cup to the gym for a post-workout rehydration.

Tantalizing Tea

Take your iced tea to a new level by making it fizz. Shove a few tea bags into a bottle of plain seltzer and close up the bottle tightly. Use any type of tea you like. Let it sit overnight to steep. The next day, your bubbly iced tea will be ready to enjoy. It’s far less expensive than an iced tea at the local café and probably a lot better for you.

Who needs soda when you can create a drink you’ll chug down all day? Your body will thank you for cutting out the crap and filling up on a healthier form of fizz.

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