Fill Your Foods With Veggies – Revamp Your Recipes For Added Nutrition

Getting plenty of veggies into our diet each day is easy for some, but for those who would rather go for a sundae than a salad, the struggle is real. We know veggies are so healthful for us, so slipping them into recipes we already love is a win-win. Of course, munching on carrot sticks and ordering a side of spinach is a no-brainer, so keep doing that if you are already a health nut. And along with the obvious, here are some easy ways to pump up the volume of your fave foods with veggies. Not only with the nutritional value soar, but the flavor will get a boost too.

Soup Up Your Soup

Lots of soups are veggie-based or have some floating around the bowl, but you can bring the veggie count way up. Puree some plum tomatoes and stir them into any soup. Drop a handful (or more) of baby spinach into the pot and it wilts down to nothing, leaving plenty of room for your other add-ins. How about some roasted peppers to add delicious dimension? There are so many options, you will never have the same soup twice.

Stack Your Sandwiches

A plain old turkey and cheese sandwich is fine when you are hungry, but you can turn that average lunch into a veggie-filled feast. Layer on some dark leafy greens, sliced tomatoes and onions, bean sprouts, julienned peppers, and a smear of avocado. If you are enjoying a tuna salad sandwich, imagine how much better it would be with diced celery, carrots, peppers, and radishes mixed in. Go for a whole wheat wrap and stuff in as many veggies as you can fit inside, roll it up, and supply your system with vitamins, minerals, and other good-for-you stuff. You will feel more satisfied after filling your stomach with fiber, and the variety of tempting textures makes things interesting.

OMG! Omelets

A ham and cheese omelet sure hits the spot, but without any veggies, it’s the same breakfast time and time again. Boring! Liven things up with an array of colorful veggies that will turn a basic omelet into an original. Fill yours with lots of mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and any other veggies you’ve got in the fridge. Anything goes when you are the chef, so experiment each day until you’ve created your very best breakfast.
Veggies make any meal better. Find your faves and fill your face!

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