Fitness For Beginners: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Fitness for Beginners: Top 5 reasons why you should exercise

The excuses not to exercise are pretty easy to come up with. You’re too tired or too busy. Work gets in the way. Brunch sounds a lot better than barbells. Whatever the reason to avoid exercise may be, getting started is always the most difficult step. So, lots of people simply remain on the no-exercise path, ignoring the signs their bodies are sending them, and choose to “just say no” to working out for another month, another year, and so on.

But exercise is imperative. It has so many benefits that improve our lives. Mentally, physically, and then some, exercising is the key to allover fitness, strength, stamina, good health, and good vibes. These are only five of the many reasons why you should exercise. Get out of that rut and reinvent yourself. You’ll be stronger, last longer, and wish you’d started sooner. Let’s go!

It’s Energizing

When you’re feeling lazy or lethargic, thinking about exercise is likely the last thing on your mind. A nap? Sure, that seems more like it. Even some simple stretching seems like too much movement when you’re ready to veg out and binge-watch your favorite TV series. But exercise will pep you up when you’re pooped. Get up and start moving and you’ll soon get that burst of energy you didn’t realize you had. Like a car engine on a frigid winter’s day, once it warms up, you’re driving full speed. Start slowly and get your body going from 0 to 60 too. When the session is complete, you’ll be full of vigor and vitality, adding juice to all of your daily to-dos. 

Fitness for Beginners

Improves Your Mood

We think of exercise as a way to transform our bodies from “flab to fab.” But there’s more to fitness than washboard abs and bulging biceps. Working out will do miracles for your mind too. When our bodies start to move and groove, endorphins kick in, making us feel good, boosting mood and our mental state. If you’re feeling blue, before you go for that tube of raw cookie dough to cheer you up, take a brisk walk or hit the gym. Your brain will reward you with a feeling of happiness…in a much healthier way.

Tones and Trims

No matter your current shape and size, exercising will only improve your physical state as you keep at it. While a healthy diet is an important part of overall fitness, moving our bodies takes things to the next level. Cardiovascular exercise like jogging or biking paired with muscle-building and strength training activities will reshape your figure, toning up those “jiggly parts” and trimming down areas where you may have packed on some excess baggage over the years. Even if your body is at the place you want it to be, adding exercise to your daily routine will maintain muscle tone to keep you looking firm and fit.

Keeps You Healthy

Have you ever noticed how your exercise-loving friends never seem to catch a cold and somehow manage to barely use a sick day at work? They have regular exercise to thank. From combatting high blood pressure to lowering risk of diabetes, keeping active is a key component to overall health and wellness. Looking good will boost self-esteem and feeling good will lift your spirits, but the benefits to your body from exercising will do far more than an apple can to keep the doctor away!

Sleep Better 

If tossing and turning is part of your sleep routine, before you grab for a bottle of sleep-aid medication or down another glass of warm milk, consider your lack of exercise the culprit. While exercising too close to bedtime can keep your mind spinning and your body restless, daily or regular workouts help maintain a better sleep cycle. Since you’ve been active and put your body through substantial activity, when bedtime rolls around, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

Are you convinced that it’s time to give exercise a go? There’s no day like today to start on your journey to a healthier and happier you. Go from a beginner to a winner!

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