Party Finger Foods That Won’t Bust Your Diet

Holiday season means lots of merry munching. From decadent dinners to champagne-soaked celebrations to gourmet gifts, the food options are endless, and it’s always hard to resist, especially when everyone else is digging in.

If you are trying to stick to your healthy eating plan and still want to party, there are options that allow you to have fun without worrying you’ll pack on the pounds.

By being mindful of what you put in your mouth, you can enjoy eating and won’t feel deprived. These typical party finger food items are better choices when there’s tons of fattening fare calling your name.

Shrimp Cocktail

High in protein and low-cal, succulent shrimp cocktail is a delicious treat that is fresh and flavorful. Simple and satisfying, you can eat an entire plateful without guilt…or getting a gut! Beware of fried shrimp though. The added oil is a diet disaster.


Raw veggies with dip with keep your mouth busy while supplying your system with vitamins and fiber. The crisp crunch is satisfying and the variety won’t bore you. Carrots, celery, bell peppers, you name it. Remember, go light on the dip…don’t drown them! A little goes a long way, or better yet, eat ‘em as nature intended.


If there is a big bowl of freshly popped plain popcorn at the party, go for a few handfuls. Without any butter, air-popped popcorn is super low-cal and plenty tasty. Add some salt and pepper if you want a little zest, otherwise, enjoy as is and you won’t even look twice at the cheese board.

Smoked Salmon

An indulgence does not always have to be rich and fattening. Smoked salmon is a palate pleaser that is low-cal, high in Omega-3s, and magically mouthwatering. Slide a slice or two onto a cracker or over a bit of fresh cucumber. Breaded fish sticks are no match to this catch. If you’re at a super high-end affair, caviar is another diet-friendly choice. And if you’re not paying for it…even better!

Remember to watch your alcohol intake, especially those heavy wintertime cocktails like eggnog and the like. Drink plenty of water throughout the night, and have a healthy snack before heading to the party so you are not famished when you arrive, leading to making poor party food decisions.

Have fun and party without busting your pants!

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