The Seven Habits Of Highly Distracted People

The Seven Habits Of Highly Distracted People

The world is overrun with distracted people. You might be one of them, but you dont have to be. In some ways, its never been easier to be successful. All of the information you could possibly need to accomplish just about anything is readily available.

All you need to do is truly focus and work hard. Remember, much of your competition is too distracted to bother you!

Do you fall prey to these habits? Adopt the opposite strategies mentioned instead to find focus and greater success:

  • Highly distracted people lack a purpose.

    When you have a purpose, there are fewer things that can distract you. This goes for big things like your lifes purpose. It also applies to your purpose for the next hour, such as completing a report.

    • Be clear on what youre trying to accomplish. If youre vague in your intentions, every little potential distraction becomes very distracting.


  • Highly distracted people are addicted to digital devices.

    Do you feel a strong compulsion to check your phone? Are you addicted to social media or watching videos online? Do you need to surf the web or check the news each hour? Digital devices and online activities can be highly addicting.

    • Put your digital devices away. Dont allow yourself to use the internet unless its related to your task. Theres a time and place for everything.


  • Highly distracted people dont practice focusing.

    Your parents and teachers have been telling you to focus for decades. Unfortunately, no one ever taught you how.

    • The way to get good at focusing is to practice focusing. Set a timer for 10 minutes and focusing on a task. See how well you do. Extend the time as you strengthen your concentration.
    • Youve been practicing distracting yourself for nearly your entire life, thats why youre so good at it!


  • Highly distracted people lack conscientiousness.

    When your life is a mess, its hard to focus. When youre not conscientious, your life is a mess. A lack of conscientiousness creates a lot of stress, and stress is distracting.

    • Conscientious people do what needs to be done, before it must be done, and they do it as well as it needs to be done.


  • Highly distracted people try to function in highly distracting environments.

    If youre distracted, its important to manage your environment as well as you can. Remove all the distractions that are removable. Reduce the others. Change your environment as you see fit to increase your ability to focus.

  • Highly distracted people eat poor diets. 

    An unhealthy diet can kill your ability to focus. Brain fog and a general lack of motivation can be attributed to eating the wrong foods. Take a hard look at your diet and consider making a few changes.


  • Highly distracted people are impatient.

    You might want to eat a cookie, check the score of last nights game, or watch a video of an elephant taking a bath. So what? It can wait. All of those things will still be available to you at a later time.

How would you rate your ability to focus? How distracted are you each day by things that do little to enhance your life over the long term? How much time do you think you waste?

Life is full of distractions, many of which can be removed. Avoid these seven habits of distracted people, and youll be surprised by how much more you can accomplish each day.

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