Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single Ladies

Valentine's Day Ideas for Single Ladies

#valentinejokeoftheday “How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend? He gave her a ring”. 💍#hehe

Welcome to February! 🤢The most dreaded month of the year for many people. For those who are in relationships, and for those of you who aren’t, the next 2 weeks of posts are you for you. First off… I’m talking to my single folks out there…

You single? and wondering what to do on #ValentinesDay ? I have a few ideas that I used to do when I was single and February hit me in the face:

💍Be your own Valentine! Write yourself a love letter, get yourself flowers and a card. No one can love you the same way you can love you.
💍Go out to a singles mixer. There are plenty of them around and you can meet some really nice people to hang out with on that fateful night.
💍 Pre-order a box of @godiva chocolates and pick them on on the day of. Why shouldn’t you have a treat on Valentines Day?
💍Take yourself to dinner and order some champagne. Cheers to yourself and to your positive attitude!
💍Invite another single friend out to dinner, get dressed up and make a night of it! Why stay home and sulk when you can be out on the town, sharing in all the loving vibes.
💍 Lastly, treat yourself to a bottle of champagne and toast to yourself! You deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged.

When you take full control and ownership of being single, all the judgement goes away and what is left is fun. Why not romance yourself the way you want to be romanced?

This way the universe has no other choice but to open the path for you to find romance (either in the short term or the long term).

P.S. Save me some chocolates 🍫

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