5 Anger Management Tips Your Tribe will Appreciate

5 Anger Management Tips Your Tribe Will Appreciate

#dadjokes “You know it is going to be a bad day when the letters in your alphabet soup spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.” #angermanagementtips 😠

Angry much? If you find yourself blowing a gasket for the smallest things in life, you may benefit from the following tips to help you manage your anger. 

We don’t realize how much ANGER affects our health and the relationships with those in our lives. Not only will you benefit from these tips BUT YOUR TRIBE (those around you) WILL ALSO BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF.

We all get angry, it’s a natural part of life. However, when our anger starts to affect those around us negatively and starts to have a negative impact on our work, relationships and quality of life, steps must be taken to bring healing to the situation.

5 Anger Management Tips Your Tribe Will Appreciate:

  1. Know your triggers: There are things in our environment that will consistently trigger us. Do you know what your triggers are? Maybe it’s being in the car and getting cut off? Maybe it’s being asked to perform a household chore? Maybe it’s being asked a question more than once? Once you have identified what triggers you, you can move on to Step #2.
  2. Once triggered, take a moment to breathe. A breathing exercise I give my clients is the 5-5-10 breathing tool. Inhale for a count of 5. Hold for a count of 5. Release for a count of 10. Repeat this 3 times. Focusing on breathing will stop the angry moment in its tracks.
  3. Grab a drink of water. Refocusing your energy on drinking water will redirect the energy to a natural process the body needs to properly function. Plus, drinking water will cool you down and help the adrenalin level out.
  4. Walk away. When having a moment, the best thing to do is take a moment and walk away from the situation. In early childhood development this is called a time-out. Take a timeout and gather your thoughts.
  5. Take stock. Look at the situation clearly. Does this situation warrant the reaction of anger? If it doesn’t, take stock and take responsibility for possibly overreacting. More often than not, the situation doesn’t warrant anger, it may just need listening and/or attention.

If you find yourself angry more often than just being normal, you may want to seek professional help. Therapy, coaching or sitting with clergy may help you get a handle on how angry you may get.

There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Asking for help is a very mature way to approach this moment.

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