3 Ways to Positively Influence Others

3 Ways to Positively Influence Others

You cannot make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.  However, you can positively influence those around you to lead them to live a more powerful, passionate life.

3 Ways to Positively Influence Others:

1. Be the person you want to influence the other person to be. You want them to be more present, YOU BE MORE PRESENT.
You want them to be more responsible, YOU BE MORE RESPONSIBLE.
You want them to have a better attitude, IMPROVE YOUR ATTITUDE. Leading by example is the most powerful way to influence those around you.

2. Be a Cheerleader. Encourage others to be their best selves. They share with you about a dream they have? Support them in that dream. Give them a loving push in the right direction. Ask them the following question, “How can I support you in your goal?”. Then, support them in that goal.

3. Be a wellspring of useful information in the area you want to influence. You want to influence others to be healthy, read everything you can about the topic and be an expert of information. Listen to podcasts, read trustworthy articles, do your research. Be the encyclopedia of knowledge around this area. This will have folks come to you for advice, thus creating a positive influence in this topic.


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Be Well and Live Happy,

Coach Michaela Logue

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