Perfect 7 Day Challenge for Grumpy Ass People

Perfect 7 Day Challenge for Grumpy Ass People

Oh my gosh, you are so freaking grumpy. You are driving your family crazy and your friends are avoiding spending time with you because you are always doom and gloom and such a negative Nancy. You know you are irritable, achy and have crazy levels of insomnia, but don’t you know you are making others miserable with your grumpy ass attitude?

If you’re lacking energy and feeling unhealthy, it’s likely that your diet has been less than spectacular lately. One great way to slingshot your way back to feeling vital is with a healthier diet. If you can hang in there for a mere 7 days, you might decide to stick with it permanently.

I have the perfect 7 Day Challenge for your Grumpy attitude because your loved ones deserve better and so do you.

By the way, this challenge is a challenge, and if you are feeling brave, you will literally come out the other side feeling amazing, happy, energetic, glowing skin and? Just plain nicer.

Okay here we go, do the following for the next 7 day:

  • If possible, get all processed foods out of the house. If you live with others, you’ll need to either get everyone on board or be strong enough to say no to the foods you commonly eat. 
  • Try to get this junk food out of the house. We all know that if it’s in the house, you are going to eat it.
  • Be public about your intentions. Let your friends, family, and co-workers know about your intention to begin the Happy Girl diet. When they ask you what it is, tell them it’s a junk food free diet that will make you a nicer person. I promise you they will be on board with your new plans. lol
  • Take one day at a time. If you commonly turn to ice cream during stressful times, it will be challenging to stay on this diet. A change in diet is almost always challenging.
  • If you’re really struggling, drink water with lemon. If you are still struggling after that? Drink some more water. Dehydration makes you hungry.
  • Embrace the experience. Eating in a new way for a week isn’t a bad thing. It’s fun. It’s an experiment. It’s a way to experience something new. 
  • Try to have fun with this new way of eating and notice all the emotions and tendencies that pop up along the journey. 
  • It’s a great chance to learn something about yourself.
  • Do some shopping and cooking beforehand. Avoid getting into a situation where you’re hungry with nothing to eat. Always have something “vegan-friendly” on hand for those times you feel hungry.
  • Keep the recipes simple if you’re not a big fan of cooking. Just like with any other type of cuisine, there are complicated recipes and there are simple recipes. If you aren’t fond of cooking, avoid torturing yourself.
  • Give up soft drinks. It’s crack in a bottle and is completely messing with your brain’s ability to process sugars. When your brain doesn’t function properly, your view on life tanks.
  • Cut animal products down to only 4 days out of the 7 days.  Try starting with 1 plant-based meal on day 1 and 2, 2 plant-based meals on day 3, 4 and 5 and 3 plant-based meals on day 6 and 7.
  • Spend a little time each day reminding yourself about the benefits of a clean eating plant based lifestyle. There are many websites and books available that highlight the benefits of eating plants.
  • Turn it into a social activity. Get your family and friends to try it with you. It makes your clean eating challenge more memorable and fun. It also greatly increases the likelihood of success. There are even communities online that you can join for support and friendship.
  • Reward yourself. Changing a diet is challenging. If you are able to last the entire week on this clean eating diet, reward yourself with something fun. Like a new handbag or a pair of pretty shoes.

Try this clean eating diet for 7 days and watch your horrible grumpiness start to improve. Soon after starting, you may go through some withdrawal symptoms (which will make you grumpier) but before you know it, you will be on the other side. You will lose a few lbs. and you will for sure be a nice person.  Your friends and family will thank you.

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