How to improve marriage without talking about it

How to improve marriage without talking about it

Want to learn how to improve your marriage without talking about it?

In this blog/video, I will share the 3 ways to improve your marriage without talking about it because we all know how much he loves to sit down and talk. 😐

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If you’re looking for ways to create an amazingly happy marriage while working on your own growth as a sexy, feminine, empowered woman,

 Stick around as I will be sharing lots of tips, tricks and strategies to supercharge your relationship and life.

In today’s blog and video, I’m sharing with you how to improve your marriage without having to sit down and have a discussion about it.

What would it look like if you could bring your marriage from this [pause and point] to this [pause and point]?

You may be saying to yourself: “I want to improve your marriage but quite honestly, my marriage is FINE.

  • I’M FINE.

But the fact is when you say the word fine, are you really fine? 

You’re watching this video because there’s a little part of you that wants your relationship to be even juicier, more fun and maybe even just a little bit more passionate…..

Today, we will be discussing a few things which I think may really help you improve the quality of your marriage so he feels taken care of,  heard and fulfilled….


you feel fulfilled and taken care and heard of because…

if you are feeling good, he will feel good as well.

But before we get into it… I want to share a little bit about what I’ve learned over the years as a wife and life coach. 

I love to learn about proven ways I can connect more to my husband and I started reading the book HOW TO IMPROVE MARRIAGE WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT IT which inspired this video because I don’t know about you but there are 3 things in marriage that I hate:

  1. Sitting down to have a talk
  2. Telling my husband we need to talk
  3. Or just talking about what’s wrong and what needs to change.


all this talking is drying up petunia. :/

So… when I found this book, it all became clear. 

Here is what you need to understand about the message of this book:

  • Love is not about better communication. It’s about connection.
  • You’ll never get a closer relationship with your man by talking to him like you talk to one of your girlfriends.
  •  Male emotions are like women’s sexuality: you can’t be too direct too quickly.
  • There are four ways to connect with your man: touch, activity, sex,  and consistent routines.
  • Your husband wants a closer marriage just as much as you do, but not if he has to act like a woman.
  • Talking makes you feel closer in the relationship; talking makes him feel farther away from it.
  • What you may not know about your husband is this: You bring his life MEANING.
  • The crazy truth about love is that “TALKING ABOUT IT” doesn’t help.

I highly recommend this book if you want a doctor’s approach to marriage.

It’s linked here if you want to check it out.

In today’s blog and video, however, I will share my approach to marriage with a little bit of coaching thrown in so you have action items you can use to create improvement in your relationship.

The first way to improve your marriage without talking about it is…

#1 START A FUN PROJECT TOGETHER (activity/routine)

Studies show that creating a fun activity that you can both enjoy and work on will create a bond in your relationship.

It can be as simple as a:

  • Board game night or piece together a puzzle.


  • Work on a home improvement project.

The quality time spent together in a no pressure situation, creates a ton of good vibes which then turn into memories you can share in your marriage.

If you have an amazing project idea you have created with your spouse, let me know below what it is and how it added to your relationship.

Are you getting value from this so far? Click the like button and let’s go on to the next tip….

The second way to improve your marriage without talking about it is..

#2 PLAN A WEEKEND GETAWAY AND/OR STAYCATION FOR JUST THE TWO OF YOU. (aka an excuse to have sex) (touch/sex)

Here’s what happens when you do this:

  1. No distractions
  2. You both get to exhale and relax

And the most important part of this method is:  SEX, SEX, maybe some adult beverages, (no crying babies or dogs needing a walk, and MORE SEX.


Plan your beauty routine in advance by packing the right toiletries, getting hair done and cleaning up your bikini area, eyebrows, mani-pedi. Oh and don’t forget to pack some sexy undergarments to your overnight bag. 😉

Bye the way, coming in the next video I’m creating for you which will cover what signs to look for when your spouse is acting strange…. I will cover a few other really nifty tricks to turn his frown (and yours) upside down…

Okay, let’s move on to the third tip.


What is a ROLE PLAY datenight? It’s one of the most powerful tools in my FEMININE POWER arsenal which has a 95% success rate if used properly.

This is a way to share a fantasy without sitting down to “TALK” about what your fantasies are.

You choose a role-play date night, and you each play a role that is completely different than who you are.

He chooses your role, and you choose his.

For example, you tell him to dress up like a businessman who is picking you up at a bar. 

And then he tells you to dress up as a redhead wearing a blue dress sitting at a bar alone.

Then you can play this out at a local bar.

This role play can be anything from him being a fireman saving a damsel in distress to

You being a Barista who makes him a frothy cup of coffee while looking at him lovingly.

You get the gist.

Play out the whole scenario with character names, outfits and dialogue and have fun giggling and playing the role of someone else.

This will being fun, play and sex to the relationship with no pressure and ZERO talking about it.

What do you think about these tips? Are you finding them helpful?

If so, please hit that like button and share this blog/video with your girlfriends who are also in relationships.

See you in the next blog post/video! Can’t wait to continue to pour my NINJA-WIFE WAYS into your relationship.

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