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12 Ways to Encourage Your Spouse (and not be annoying)

12 Ways to Encourage Your Spouse (and not be annoying) Ask your spouse, what’s the thing they want the most from you. The #1 answer most husbands give is support and encouragement. There’s nothing better than having your spouse cheer you on when it matters most. It turns out that you are more likely to pursue rewarding challenges if you have a supportive partner. That’s

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6 Secrets for a Happy Marriage

6 Secrets for a Happy Marriage Unfortunately, there aren’t any classes in high school or college that teach you how to be happy in marriage and because of this divorce filings are common.  There’s a saying that goes, “Want a happy marriage, marry a happy person”.  I really believe this saying but I’ve also found that having a happy marriage requires effort. Happiness is a

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6 Common Money Arguments for Couples

6 Common Money Arguments for Couples Are you and your husband constantly arguing about money? Are you worried that if you don’t do something soon, these arguments could come between you? In today’s blog & video, I will be sharing the 6 common money arguments for couples and how to fix them because as you know, money is the #1 reason why marriages fail. The

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What’s Wrong with My Marriage, Coach Michaela?

What’s Wrong with My Marriage? Want to know what’s wrong with your marriage and how to fix it? In today’s blog and video, I will share with you 3 powerful life coaching techniques to help you evaluate the health of your marriage and whether or not you need to infuse healing into your relationship. If you clicked on this blog, there’s a part of you

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Never ignore your husband

Never Ignore Your Husband Does ignoring my husband work to teach him a lesson? Is it better to just ignore him when I’m feeling unhappy or disconnected?  In today’s video and blog, I have answers to both these questions and much more while sharing with you the 4 methods of communication which cause “active ignoring” to happen in your marriage. By the end of this

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How can I make my husband feel loved?

YouTube Video Episode Notes. SUBSCRIBE to be notified of new videos in this series. “Want to learn how to make your husband feel loved, but you don’t know where to start?  In this blog post, I’m sharing the 6 non-typical ways to make your husband feel loved. Now, when it comes to making your husband feel loved there’s more to it than just cooking him

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10 Ways You Might Be Making Life Much Harder Than It Has To Be

10 Ways You Might Be Making Life Much Harder Than It Has To Be Listen up, Buttercup. We may not always be emotionally mature enough to realize that our life circumstances (the bad ones and good ones), WE CREATE. I know that this concept is a bit controversial and may even make you click away from this blog. If that’s the case, no judgement. However,

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The Best Revenge is Enjoying Your Life

Want to get revenge on someone who wronged you? Live a happy fulfilled life…. It seems to be part of human nature to want revenge. We like the idea of justice. Whether we suffered at the hands of a cruel and incompetent boss, or were treated badly and dumped by a partner, we want our pound of flesh. However, what if there was a way

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Quarantine Mental Health in 7 Easy Steps

Quarantine life is real. No matter where you turn, your family is right there. The way they eat, the way they breath, just their mere existence makes you want to jam a fork into your own eyeball. Your mental health is at stake, and the lives of your family members are close to being at risk. All this time indoors is proving to test the

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