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The Seven Habits Of Highly Distracted People

The Seven Habits Of Highly Distracted People The world is overrun with distracted people. You might be one of them, but you don’t have to be. In some ways, it’s never been easier to be successful. All of the information you could possibly need to accomplish just about anything is readily available. All you need to do is truly focus and work hard. Remember, much

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Keep Your Promises And See Positive Results

You owe it to yourself to see things through. Many people are committed to keeping their word when they promise something to someone else, but they don’t do themselves the same favor. It is time to focus on fulfilling your own needs so you can reach the goals that mean the most to you. As a New Year approaches, it is the perfect opportunity to

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The Trick To Make Your Resolutions Stick

It’s that time of year again when we vow that we will do better, change our habits to become healthier or happier, make more positive priorities, be kinder, more patient, and less stressed, plus a laundry list of lots of other things we hope to achieve. Creating resolutions is the relatively easy part. Our intentions are pure and promising. Sticking to the sentiment is a

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5 Ways To Turn Resolutions Into Lifelong Habits

New Years’ resolutions are always exciting. We have big hopes and dreams for making our lives better, more meaningful, and all-around positive. When January 1st comes upon us, we promise ourselves that the coming year will bring change that we’re in control of. The ways of the past are behind us and new horizons are before us. Resolutions are easy to make, hard to keep.

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Motivational Mottos To Make The Coming Year Your Best Yet

A big boost from within may be all you need to make 2020 your best year yet. We often seek strength and support from outside sources, but if we look inside, the energy is already there waiting to be unleashed. It’s all about applying what we have available in terms of our personal resources to remind us that we’ve got the power to go places.

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Move Forward With Your Goals – Three Steps Towards Starting

Are you at a standstill? Do you have things you want to achieve but you are not sure how to start? Rather than waiting and wondering, why not get those wheels in motion without further hesitation? Moving forward is possible when you know what to do. Fear and doubt are rarely useful, especially when they make you question your abilities. So, put those negative feelings

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How To Be More Confident (In Life And Business)

Possibly the greatest factor in succeeding in both personal and professional endeavors is confidence. Without that belief in yourself, there is little chance of creating a path towards positive results. With a self-assured attitude and pride in your abilities, anything can be possible. It’s all about potential, something we all have inside ourselves.Some people are confident at the core. They don’t need a nudge to

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Turn The Tables On Toxic Relationships

This coming year is your chance to clear away the chaos, rid yourself of negative energy, and revisit relationships that aren’t making you happy. It can be difficult to deal with confrontations, but when there is toxicity that turns what could have been positive times into tumultuous ones, the end result is far from rewarding. Doing something about it sooner than later is the only

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