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5 Steps To CAPTIVATE People Around You

5 Steps to Captivate People Around You Captivating people around you makes you stand out and truly shine. Attracting others with your charisma while making them feel special is a skill that can be learned. Some folks are born with this effortless essence, but if you weren’t, it doesn’t mean you can’t develop similar personality traits. With these 5 steps, those with whom you come

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How To Positively ATTRACT Others

How To Positively Attract Others As we socialize in nearly every situation, attracting others in a positive manner means we are projecting ourselves in an admirable way. Some people believe that any attention is good attention, but leaving others with a bad taste in their mouth is nothing to be proud of. Controversy and contention may be stimulating, but in the end, others will remember

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How To Be Unforgettable

There is something to be said about a person who makes an impression. Their very presence is impactful, and everyone who meets them gets caught up in their confidence and charisma. Rather than being the “Average Joe” (or Jane) who is just like everybody else, this individual is dynamic. Their unique qualities make them stand out in a special way, causing others to sit up

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Words are Powerful

Use These 3 Powerful Steps In Communication To Cause Positive Results

Use These 3 Powerful Steps in Communication to Cause Powerful Results Communication is at the core of our relationships. Being direct and straightforward is essential in terms of your delivery and how your message is received. We communicate to create a dialogue, to educate, and influence. And when you want positive results from what you have to say, it’s important to be aware of how

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When you need a motivational boost to get you to the next level, seeking it from within is always a winning strategy. Others you admire for their drive and determination may offer promise, but you must tap into your own strengths and strong suits to soar. Ready to climb?… Perhaps you are in a slump or have been too tired to get on top of

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3 Simple Tips On How Inspire Others To Agree With You

3 Simple Tips On How To Inspire Others To Agree With You Everyone’s got their own opinion, but there are always those on the fence or primed to be persuaded. Even those set in their ways can be swayed with a little practice and persistence. There will be times when it’s your mission to inspire others to agree with you. It’s not that you frown

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How To Be More EMPOWERED In Life

How To Be More Empowered In Life They say life is what you make of it – a simple sentence that holds valuable meaning. There’s so much this life has to offer, but taking advantage of the endless opportunities is often a challenge. If you are at a point in your personal or professional life (or both) where you know it’s time to reach the

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How To Command Attention In Any Situation

How To Command Attention IN ANY SITUATION Attention please! If only it were that simple shout out two words and have all eyes on you. Sure, a request such as that would perk people’s ears up, but commanding attention in any situation is not always so cut and dry. That said, with the right tools to teach yourself the art of the “standing out” skill,

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3 Steps To Show Up Powerfully In Life

How To Show Up Powerfully In Life Showing up is important, but being a powerful presence is far more purposeful. When you want to make an impression, do it with persistence and passion. A powerful personality not only shows others that you value your importance, but give you the tools to tackle any situation. Being powerful is all about positivity. It’s not meant to be

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