How To Be More EMPOWERED In Life

How To Be More Empowered In Life They say life is what you make of it – a simple sentence that holds valuable meaning. There’s so much this life has to offer, but taking advantage of the endless opportunities is often a challenge. If you are at a point in your personal or professional life (or both) where you know it’s time to reach the

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How To Command Attention In Any Situation

How To Command Attention IN ANY SITUATION Attention please! If only it were that simple shout out two words and have all eyes on you. Sure, a request such as that would perk people’s ears up, but commanding attention in any situation is not always so cut and dry. That said, with the right tools to teach yourself the art of the “standing out” skill,

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3 Steps To Show Up Powerfully In Life

How To Show Up Powerfully In Life Showing up is important, but being a powerful presence is far more purposeful. When you want to make an impression, do it with persistence and passion. A powerful personality not only shows others that you value your importance, but give you the tools to tackle any situation. Being powerful is all about positivity. It’s not meant to be

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