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Self-Soothing: How to Take Care of Your Feelings #coronavirus #selfcare

Self-Soothing:  How to Take Care of Your Feelings When you were a child, you sometimes fell down. Most likely, one or both of your parents would come running, scoop you up, look at your “boo-boo” and say in a concerned voice, “Are you okay?” Then, they gave you a hug.  Depending on the situation, you may have received your parents’ full attention for the next

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Healthy Ways to Feed Your Family on a Budget

Healthy Ways to Feed Your Family on a Budget Finding healthy ways to feed your family can often be challenging because it’s not always the most affordable option. However, with just a little creativity, it’s very possible to find healthy, budget friendly food choices so your family and your pocket can reap the benefits! Tips That Can Instantly Save You Money! Consider the following tips

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A 5-Minute Guide to the 6 Essential Nutrients – [during #socialdistancing]

A 5-Minute Guide to the 6 Essential Nutrients – [during #socialdistancing] We all know that eating healthy is important. We also know that over indulging during stressful times is a struggle. Especially lately with the #Coronavirus #pandemic being the only thing anyone can think or talk about. The struggle is real. Even during normal times, keeping up with what you’re supposed to eat may seem

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10 Foods That Fight Stress during #Coronavirus

10 Foods That Fight Stress #coronavirus #survivalguide It’s easy to forget the importance of everything we put into our bodies. While you can’t always eat a completely balanced diet, you can reduce your stress levels simply by choosing stress-fighting foods. During this season of intense anxiety and uncertainty, the best way to fight stress is from the inside out. Since everyone is different, some stress-relieving

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📌 An “apple shape” can be a warning sign.

What to be aware of. Our basic body shape is primarily determined by genetics. So, if you’re destined to pack on the pounds in the upper region of your body (chest, abdomen) rather than the hips and thighs (pear shape), you may be at higher risk for diabetes and heart disease. You can’t change nature, but you can stay healthier by keeping fit and eating

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How Red Light Therapy Faded My Surgery Scars and Eliminated Pain/Inflammation in my Legs

How Red Light Therapy Faded my Surgery Scars and Eliminated Pain and Inflammation in my legs Anyone who knows me knows I believe in #alternativehealingmethods and Holistic Nutrition practices. I think these ideas are very popular right now and many people are open to the idea. However, recently I connected with a local chiropractor, Dr. David Lipman of Physical Evidence Chiropractic in Boca Raton, FL

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Ketosis and Fat Loss

Ketosis and Fat Loss There have been many diets over the years that have promised weight loss and general improvements in body composition, but how many of them actually work – and at what cost? The idea behind most diets is to maintain what’s called a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit is eating fewer total calories per day than your body requires in order to

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Don’t Let These Three Things Stop You From Reaching Success

Are you stalled on the way to success? You may have the drive and desire to get there, but something is stopping you from fully realizing your potential. It can be frustrating to find yourself struggling to succeed, and as your endeavors get side railed, your confidence and commitment may dwindle as a result. If you have been blocked from being your best or just

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